SEED GURUKULA, Executive Coaching for : Chartered Accountancy (CA), CPT, IPCC, FINAL
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About us




We are introducing ourselves as an educational institution giving coaching for chartered accountancy for last 23 years i.e., from 17th August,1989 from Palakkad, Kerala State. During this period, this institute had moulded more than 500 best quality chartered accountant, 35 company secretaries and 39 cost accountants.  This is because of the dedication of our Guru Sri.T.Govindan Unni, who himself is a chartered accountant by profession but decided to dedicate his life for social service especially CA Service......


Aim of SEED Gurukula:- The aim of SEED Gurukula[SG] is not to produce CAs who are mere book worms , but to bring high quality CAs with thorough knowledge about the subjects and who  have the guts to raise their voice against the malpractices taking place in the society.


For improving communication skills:- Every day our Guru discusses current affairs along with CA subjects and encourages the students to give their opinion regarding that particular topic which improves the communication skills of the students


For improving writing skills:- Daily we have six hour continous exams which genuinely helps the students in the main exam.  Continuous writing helps the students to increase the writing speed and improve the handwriting.


Creating social responsibility:- Everyday the students gives a token money of Re.1.  Guru utilizes this money to provide scholarships for eligibile students and hence indirectly the students also part of the noble deed.


Other benefits:- Coaching at SEED Gurukula, not only helps in improving academic skills of the student, but also helps to develop essential skills like:-

Time Management[TM]

Stress Management[SM]

Self Discipline

Jai Jai Bharathmatha,

Jai Jai Chartered Accountancy

Prepared by:- Former students of SEED Gurukuala and TEAM SEED 









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